December 26, 2017

english degradation

Remember when I told you about "what's going on" with the company I work for? since the "crisis", bunch of expats worker has been "deported" back to their home country (or other base). And I no longer working for Australia as well. Thus, makes my so-so english skill become degrading, more and more.

Now, I write almost all of my email correspondences in Bahasa Indonesia. Speaks Bahasa Indonesia for all the time at office. No such kind of "english interaction". See, I also write this post with a lot of hesitation... worst english! Oh, my IELTS certificate have expired already.

And what I do to make my so-so english back on the track (a lil' bit)...
is watching Korean show with english subtitle :))

December 8, 2017


I was trying to put both hands on my pants' pocket,
but feeling annoyed when my left hand ended up hanging around there.
No pocket on the left side!

Another day,
I was about to put my cellphone on my shirt's pocket,
but then feeling upset cause no pocket on my shirt.
At all!

There's something missing,
with no pocket on my shirt.
It's really upsetting,
find no pocket on both side of my pants.

small thing that matters.

August 1, 2017

a weak heart

I cannot look at you straight in the eye...
...I have a weak heart.

April 16, 2017

ups and downs that's how the world works

My blog post is decrease (drastically) since I've move back to Jakarta. I'm not blaming the situation... it's just me who's getting super duper lazy. Feels like my energy drained out after office hour. Huffff.... I feel shocked myself, there's no single post have entered in 2016. Not even happy new years or Lebaran greeting... despite so many happen during 2016. "That" ups and downs. And like it or not, realize it or not, it a little bit affecting my mood. Jakarta have its different mood....

For the past 2 years (and enter year 3), my working place have not been in a good state. Not only the company I work for, but all company in this industry. Stocks has been falling down to the worse state. Going slump! Worse like... company keeps cutting down cost, means cutting down people. MANY. Including my fellow best friend. Me myself, I have to let go that "Australia Dream" and deported to where I belong before. My "australian day" has ended. Bhay! :(

At office, maybe more than half of our personnel has gave their farewell email to us who (still) stay. And I don't know which one is better... being stay or say goodbye.

2017... the job is rising... so slowly... but cut here and there still happen. Don't know till when.

For my personal life... everything related to "productive" word, has been far apart from me, since I watch Korean show more instense. Intense like... I watch almost all drama and variety shows from almost all korean tv station (both major and cable), keep updating to their music -kpop, khiphop, u named it. To the level that not only girlband boyband you commonly known, I even aware of their underground hiphop scene. Oh my... what happen to me... and again... I don't know if it's good or not.

I just... search for entertaining thing as I off from my work... and their reality variety shows really entertaining.. really! :D

And for the other things... just so so... just common daily life...

Oh... my office have been move to the downtown... and takes me about an hour to commute for that f&% 10kms... Well helloowww urban life. No more comfort zone for me. Please introduce me, as part of urban commuter.

December 23, 2015

the meeting that never failed

Pernah gak sih?... kecewa saat udah janjian sama teman, par hari-h nya tiba-tiba mereka batalin janji dengan alasan yang (kadang) gak jelas. Pernah gak sih?... ketika kangen ingin ketemu teman lama (yang udah ber-abad-abad gak ketemu), tapi susah banget karena kesibukan masing-masing.

Terkadang saya kecewa, sedih, bete, kok kayanya gak ada yang mau ketemu sama saya ya... kok kayanya gak bisa sebentar aja meluangkan waktu buat ketemu saya... (sapa gue?!). Kok rasanya selalu saya yang ngajakin ketemuan ya... ah mungkin ini perasaan saya saja. Semakin dewasa, semakin tua, orang-orang pastinya punya kesibukan masing-masing sih gak bisa pengen ketemuan terus. Toh terkadang bisa ketemuan. Dan berakhir pada "lelah ah ngajakin ketemuan, nunggu diajak aja"... hmmm...

Ibu saya sering bilang setiap kali saya merasa kecewa kaya gini
"namanya berharap sama orang, ujungnya akan kecewa. berharap mah hanya sama yang diatas". 
Dan kalimat itu yang selalu saya ingat (meski tetep sih, kecewanya mah masih ada). Yang namanya berharap sama manusia emang gak ada jaminan, saya sendiri pastinya (tanpa disadari) pernah ingkar janji (mudah-mudahan sih gak pernah ya). Sebagai makhluk sosial yang punya mood, hati manusia tentunya bisa berubah kapan aja. Jadi ya sudah lah...

Tetap ada beberapa 'tempat' kok yang selalu bersedia 'menerima' saya, selalu bersedia ketemu saya no matter what. Satu, keluarga; yang udah pasti lah nanyain setiap akhir pekan "pulang gak?" yang selalu disana NO MATTER WHAT. Janjian ama keluarga? nyaris gak pernah gagal. Pasti siap sedia kapan saja.

Yang terutama, 'janjian' sama Pemilik Alam Semesta. Siap ditemui kapan saja, baik diwaktu yang telah ditentukan ataupun tidak. Gak pernah sibuk, gak pernah nolak ketemuan ama saya. Yang siap dengerin cerita saya NO MATTER WHAT. Statistiknya 100% berhasil ketemu. Bikin janji, berharap, cuma bisa yakin sama Dia. Terimakasih untuk selalu ada dan tak pernah mengecewakan... Alhamdulillahi Robbil 'Alamin.