October 4, 2008

10 facts 'bout me

homework from bayu... (since he tagged me for making this out..ugh!)

01. my legs are different in length between right and left. (right leg is the longer one)
02. lost one of my rib since i was born (like adam loose his rib?!kekekek)
03. have no rounded asymetric head.
04. i will never have my 32 teeth, my dentist said that i have no space anymore in my mouth.
05. very very hate to the God's crature named GECKO a.k.a small lizard a.k.a disgusting-animal-hanging-on-the-wall, u know what! (bhs: cecak)
06. weezer big fan, but have none of their 'real' album (i just have their .mp3 format)
07. have a bad hair fall. lost 30% of my hair since i was in college
08. have 2 turtles but hate to touch them, even when i just see them stick out their head from it shell. yeiks!
09. love cats and have 9 cats at home but never showered them. not even once and never ever do that now and forever.
10. a big fan of him since 1994 :D

so, who wanna tagged by me huh?!

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