July 15, 2009

a stack of thick-books

he's gone...

left me in pieces while i held a big plastic bag on my left hand with sooo many damn thick books inside, and held a photo album on the other hand.
he just took that stupid-looked photo album and ignored the plastic bag.
'i don't read those books'
and he's gone in a second, left me....
i saw his back in a crowded.
nobody cares about me.
nobody take a look at us.
i saw his back, with his favourite grey t-shirt.
i ran, i ran with slow motion...
tried to catch him up just to say goodbye.
i failed. i couldn't catch him. but then i hugged his back.
i hugged him.
still the same, with those heavy plastic bag.

'you forget all of this books...i love you...'
from this angle, i saw his face. that handsome face with great nose.
he looked taller than ussual.
'i love you too...forever...'
then he cried, so did i.
he took the plastic bag with all the books inside.
and he continued his walk...
me, i just stood, watched him gone, and i cried...

*whadda weird dream...

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