November 26, 2009


here i am, (start) watching football match,
of our most favorite team.
there u are, (always) watching football match,
of our most favorite team.

here(and there) we are, watching the same stuff, the same channel, the same match.
doin the same things: holdin a remote control, screamin outloud everytime they're on a dangerous moment.
commentin on them through our mobile, act as like we're the commentator, best commentator.

there we were,
listened carefully the match through RRI.
spent extra time on shopping mall, just to stopped by at the nearest cafe and nothing we're done there, but watched our most-favorite-football-team-ever play the game.

hey don't you know, our-most-favorite-team, just crawl step by step to the 'top'.
they done the match greatly, won the last 2 games.
wish we're together in a same table,
wishing for their victory at the end of the league...

PERSIB nu aing!


Elsa said...

penggila bola ya?

Agni Giani said...

belum sampai pada tahap penggila, msh penyuka aja ;)