January 14, 2011

afternoon blabs'

at one day,
when i do something wrong, will you still here?
when i make you dissapointed, will you still stand beside me?
or maybe... when i let you down, will you forgive me?

when i don't wanna listen to your words, will you still talk to me?
when i keep telling you the same-boring-words over and over again, will you still listen to me?
when i'm so damn stubborn, will you still be patient to me?
when i have nothing to be proud of, will you still keep proud of me?
or maybe... when i hate you, will you still love me?

when i'm not pretty anymore as you always pretty,
when i'm not smart anymore as you're so damn smart,
when i'm not able to accompany you shopping,

will you still be my friend?

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