February 1, 2011

january 2011

01. happen so fast... really really fast. berasa baru kemarin taun baruan eh tau2 besok udah tgl 1 februari. udah ganti bulan ajah. somehow, it's (really) okay time move so fast. even i wanna skip this day, that day, these days, those days. skip all the days, until the D-Day. until the 'it' moment.

02. shit happen in very-early-year. i think i really wanna skip this year.

03. alhamdulillah, satu kewajiban lagi telah tunai. new year, new (better) look. jilbaban.

04. getting more n more n more mature. i have to!

05. ssstttttt... silent Agni. try to be silent.

06. nice quote from a friend: 'be patient... you cannot always be a doctor'. indeed.

07. welcome february

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