June 10, 2011

the 'concept'

talkin about concept... i have a great concept i've been planning since (ehmm) couple years ago. which women never do this, anyway?... thinking and dreaming about her concept. i'm pretty sure you gals, also keeps make the great concept. some of you already made it, some of you did not, and some of you just need to wait for the chance (the right time) to make all the concept happen as you want (me include).

i wanna share many things about my concept. i'm very excited everytime i talk about my concept. eventhought... in the same time, i just feel like 'naa aahh... i will not tell anybody about anything of my concept. it will be surprise until the time's come'. well.. in the other hand, sometimes i'm thinking 'gals, this is a brilliant and unique concept u should try on your biggest day.' and i really want someone use this idea, with me as a head of the project (because am the owner of the idea right..hehe).
simple one, meet the budget, but surprising. i give u a clue: i will use my all star (the classic one, old school one. the black n white).

anyway... since i have very very creative friends of mine outthere, so i think they might be no needs my concept. they already have their own. and am glad of that. that's mean... my concept still with me. i will make it come true at my time. tik tok tik tok... just need for the right time.

watchout gals! mine will be the most unique and unforgetable one... ;)

ps. actually, my concept is no concept :D *kidding*

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