October 17, 2012

dragon fruit

Kemarin makan siang sama si bos, dia pesan minum jus buah naga merah. Warna nya jadi mirip bayam merah atau kubis merah. Saya pesan makan penne with baby octopus. Si bos bilang 'yang bener aja Agni, pesen pasta lagi? cmon! be adventurous, try another menu instead of pasta ck.' Jadi malu deh gue... hehe... doi inget aja saya selalu pesan pasta setiap kita lunch bareng, berbagai macam. Maksudnya sih cuman pengen contek ide masak pasta aja. And my comment for the penne is: nice n delicious seasoning, but... where's the baby octopus?? it supposed to be penne with red bean. yeah, too many red bean.

Anyway... me lately, lagi males makan malam. mungkin karena saya lagi 'crush' sama seseorang *sssttt jangan bilang2 yaaa ;D*. Let me tell u a bit about him (yess him!) he's not that good looking nor gorgeous physically. But when he smile... it makes me fall *me blushing, even just wondering his smile*. He cares to people specially his mates. When he starts to sing... like I'm flying to heaven (okay, this part is too much :D ). Eeerrr... let's just keep it between us okay, he doesn't need to know about me crush on him kekekek. Hey you, take care there... xoxo.


aprilmopgal said...

wihhhhhhhhhhh ketinggalannn who is that "him"?!?! somebody we talked about over WA, isn't he? :D

Agni Giani said...

kekekek... talk to u later about this 'him' :p