January 2, 2013

what's new?

Last working-day-lunch in 2012, nice lunch in a nice place with a nice mate... and I've found this;

cute yet fake lavender *lavender kan? :D*
empty plate, full stomach
What's so good about having the year end? definitely its sale(s)! I don't celebrate this new year's eve, but I do, rejoice the SALE *wink... and this is the best buy of 2012;
shoes w/ price cut >75%
Not to forget about me being a female, I'm totally happy with what I've found during my last 2012 weekend; *I know, I'm kinda late... really late to knows about this good thing :D * (willl tell you the details next time).
Martha Tilaar - C.Y.O
Yeah... only the lipstcik which is not purple
Oh btw... my blog will turning into 6yo in the next couple days... hoho
(just realized... I never, not even once... celebrate my blog birthday :D )


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aprilmopgal said...

it's such coincidence or a sign that everything connected by the "purple" except the last one?!?! :p