April 24, 2013

weight gain

never imagine before, I gain weight! 10kgs is no joke... T_T *hamil kaga naek iye*

uncalibrated timbangan; tambahkan 2kg dari angka tertera

April 10, 2013

one fine saturday

the sun shine, the breeze touch
with all the trees in all the dales
green green grass hold the chiffon
bluish sky with cotton-candy-clouds

that fuchsia embedded the white,
let me be the one who praise Your grace

Kebun Raya Bogor, April 2013

April 2, 2013


There you are...
Appear online, at my messenger list.
And all I can do... is just staring at the messenger box. Read your name again and again, wish that -by coincidence- you buzz me and we have chat...
All night long.

Here you are...
Appear always in my heart.
Attached to my blood, with oxygen flows all over my body... and fill in my soul.
How can I take you out? if your smell is in my every breath.