May 16, 2013

my easy life

I have nothing to worry about. Nothing to think about. Nothing to concern about. No need to calculate school expense. No need to cook everyday. No need to wake up at dawn to prepare tie and shoes. No need to wait, just sleep and eat whenever I want to. Nothing big, nothing in particular. Easy, like Sunday morning.

I have the highest authority to do things wherever I want. Free to put (some-whatever) home-decor thingy. Free to fart in bedroom. Also unlimited time to use bathroom. Free, simple little kind of free.

DIY-shoes-rack project become my biggest concern. How-to-get-black-curtain become my biggest problem. What-to-eat-for-dinner become my million dollar question. All those simple stuffs to be think of. As simple as that, like no other.

Simple. Free. Easy.

No one but me.

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