May 1, 2013

Random in May

1. I was checking out my files on my machine... and tadaaa! so many 'draft' left unfinished.
2. Ahh... for some reasons I miss Balikpapan. I used to be more 'productive' back then, when I was there. Most probably because I have nothing else to do instead sitting alone in my room and in front of my laptop.
3. 1/3 of ytd has passed away... leave me here alone in the corner of my own mind, thinking again about 'goal in life'. Contemplating.
4. It's Labour Day, they said. Even if the President of The Republic says it's holiday, it won't be holiday for us if the President of The Blue says NO holiday. Whadda.....
5. burung irian burung cendrawasih, cukup sekian dan terimakasih.

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