June 28, 2013

shoes storage ideas

Good shoes will take you to good place.
But how good is their storage? Good shoes will turn into crap when it not properly store, in a good place. And the shoes will cry... *lebay :D* As for me, shoes storage become main issue lately. Since the number of them increase day by day (for sure). Think I need to do meditation in a solitude mountain just to find the perfect way to store all of my shoes *lebay part.2* #persoalan hehehe

Looking here and there and everywhere through 'windows', just found out some interesting ideas 'how to store your shoes' , they have cool ways beside effective and efficient. Check this out... ;) *semoga bermanfaat*

DIY minimalist yet lazy way

minimalist-efective way
DIY cool-enough way
DIY aha!-way
Cool n artistic way
clean-organize way

Pic source (and for further ideas) coming from here. You can also find some others cool idea at Pinterest