July 17, 2013

life 'random' recently

my siblings are really into 'art & design' world. seems like they try to prove that 'here i am, a designer!' (still 'wannabe' for my sis actually). they start design and create artworks (serious one). *oh who am i?? the only non-designer child in our family.

sissy starts making money with her 'designer' skill (even debuted in her senior high school year). makes some artwork and sell it and active also in her 'drawing blog'. while brother, will have his 'serious' exhibition outside college (think it's his first time) along with some of his friends. will be held on round October this year.

flyer-to-be (kaliiii :D )
just curious how things are going to work for both of them *cross finger*

so-so, not so bad not that amazing also. just realize how time flies so fast. already passed mid-year. *yawn*

so-so also. not really into getting new friends. still wanna go 'main-main', to the beach, to the sea, to the mountain, to you heart.

some bodies crush on my head (kok nampak horor yaa..) . flaterred with those silly-little-but-makes-me-happy thing, but hardly try to avoid more 'collision' by minimize any 'intens' moment *what am i sayin??* 

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Rizky Noorrahmi said...

kan kamu Bosnya Kak :P