January 16, 2014

bachelorette photo session; Riri's episode

RIRI, one of our boarding house member getting married this weekend. At last monday, after having dinner together at Citos, we held a small bachelorette party and farewell. For blessing Riri a happy wedding and marriage life. And also wish Riri and husband luck for their new life at Balikpapan later on (riri and husband are going to move to Balikpapan after their wedding). So, congrats Riri&Dipo!!

Riri, the bride-to-be
Riri& Dipo wedding will be held on this Saturday, 16 January 2014 at Padang... so sorry we cannot go to Padang Riri... :(

udah kaya photo booth di kondangan belom? :D
seperangkat wajan dibayar tunai!

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