January 23, 2014

Miracle in Cell no.7

How love you are to your father?
How love a father is to his daughter?
This Korean movie tells you a very big love from a daughter to her father and vice versa.

don't be tricked by this comedy-like movie poster

Starts with a false accused to a father (with a-six-year-old mental capacity) who live only with his little daughter, this movie brings you into another side of prison-life. How heartbreak you will when you watch this movie. Hillarious and sad at the same time, just like rollercoaster. Good story and great acting from the casts makes it a perfect package.

Every movies about parents-children relationship never fail me... (I always end up with swollen eyes). So, prepare a box of tissue before watch... oh no, I suggest you to prepare a towel T.T

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