January 21, 2015


Life is never flat, sometimes up and down. Sometimes happy and upset. And in your bad times, turns your unhappines into something better than anger(or sad).

Writing is one of the way.
Write anything... instead grumble...


The breeze is cold enough
I don't need more cold from your words
Later, when the sun is up,
when i feel warm,
Don't burn it with your tense

If you hate loud,
then speak softly
If you hate anger,
Don't make me angry
Don't go out of your house
Just stay there with your negativity

I don't know who you are
but whenever you're around
you ruin my good mood
I don't think i know you
but whenever you spit out your words
it makes me sick!

Am I being too sensitive?
like a grumpy old lady
Or is it you who annoying?
Na ah, we just don't have that chemistry.

*inspired by true event. I better loose my tense this way :D

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