June 3, 2015

autumn mood

After one autumn has passed... I come back here. Here in Perth, me with another autumn.

favourite time, warm with a bit autumn breeze

What so good about having autumn in my trip? It's all~~ good... Love the weather! Not too cold, not too hot. Well... sometimes, for tropical person like me, it could be too chill (in a good way) and surprisingly... doesn't make me catch a cold, alhamdulillah. Not humid as well... but it made my skin sooo dry (oles-oles lotion buat extra dry skin).

 The weather cycle is up and down. Could be cloudy and rainy in one week and sunny in the next week. I need to check the forecast everymorning everyday before I go out of home. Fortunately, last (long)weekend was a warm sunny day... All I need were just my thin sweater (typical-tropical-cotton-sweater :D), jogger pants, and a pair of alpargatas shoes with no socks attached *penting style-nya harus dibahas hehe...*. Just enjoy the plenty sunshine and breath the clean air, what a lovely walking it was.

where's the alpargatas??
woopsie... this was shoes from the other day :D

And sure... a cup of coffee completed my day. My autumn weekend mood.

*btw macam karangan anak SD... ;((

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