June 17, 2015

officially winter! and Ramadhan kareem

So the day when I wrote about the autumn mood, is actually WINTER (already!). I mean... who's gonna notice it's winter season if my friend still dress like this

beach? short+tshirt? winter?!

And I just found out the fact today. During lunch this afternoon, I was asking my friend:
"kapan sih mbak mulai winter?"
"mulai tanggal 1 juni! hahaha"
"lha jadi ini udah winter? pantesan kaya gini... lebih gloomy cuacanya"
While I always told people... lagi dingin, mau winter... when it's actually winter (stupid!). Harap maklum ini winter pertama dalam hidup saya. What I would like winter in south parth of the earth? specially this city? No, it's not gonna be snowy... it's gonna be rainy... storm... thunder... (katanya begituuu)

still acceptable isn't it?

Okay... it's officially winter now... I'm gonna buy winter jacket this weekend. And some winter shawl. And some vitamins... I've got a sore throat :( oh no!! I'm starting ramadhan tomorrow morning... please be health!

Besides my first winter, this is my first ramadhan outside Indonesia. Lucky me! I'm gonna do fasting during winter... which means... shorter time! Alhamdulillah...

Happy ramadhan all... wherever you are... terutama buat teman-teman yang berpuasa saat summer, fighting!! bismillah... semoga dilancarkan dan jadi berkah untuk semua. Amin.

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